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Architectural & decorative surface refurbishment solutions

Quickly transforming surfaces to achieve a new look is made easy by using specially designed surface refurbishment films. With hundreds of options available you can get the effect you're looking for whilst reducing the project costs of your commercial or retail refit.

We offer bespoke re-covering solutions to meet the growing trend to recycle and restore existing surfaces and assets whilst ensuring continuity of corporate identity.

Rather than replacing existing building features, fixtures and furniture with expensive new ones, opting to use pattered or textured films and laminates to cover surfaces can create the same finish in less time and for less money.

Refurbishment wrapping for old fixtures, fittings & furniture

Revitalise & refresh instead of waste & replace is the key here. You would be amazed at what is possible using these special films. Use them on doors, lifts, desks, worktops, counters, tables, chairs and window frames to create a brand new look without actually buying brand new. A sustainable way to modernise your environment.

Metalic & coloured surface finsihes enhance restaurants, bars, offices, etc.

3M Di-Noc™ Architectural Finishes

Great for covering walls, floors, ceilings, columns and even furniture the 3M Di-Noc™ range gives you the flexibility to change exterior and interior aesthetics without having to revert to using expensive and complex install products such as metals, woods and natural stone or intrusive repainting processes. These specially engineered films simulate their natural material counterparts to provide comparable finishes faster and more cost effectively.

3M Dinoc films stimulate natural finishes, are easy to apply & 3D conformable

Key information

  • Over 500 finishes - Wood grains, metallics, stone effects, patterns, single colour & speciality finishes like carbon fibre or leather
  • Easy application - Cuts construction & refurbishment time & cost
  • Print & cut bespoke designs & shapes - Great for a unique look & fine details
  • Tough and long lasting - Scratch, abrasion, impact & solvent resistant
  • Goes up fast & clean - Less waste, mess & disruption
  • New surface applied to existing substrates - Dramatic changes installed in situ
  • The look of natural materials for less - Also complements adjacent natural finishes
  • Great conformability makes 3D applications possible - Loves curves as much as flat surfaces
  • Products that meet building & fire regulations
  • 10 year indoor & 5 year outdoor warranties available - Professional install required

Some examples of 3M Di-Noc™ in action.

Overnight makeover programme transforming retail concessions at Shell petrol stations using high quality 3M Di-Noc™ wood grain film.

Quickly and cleanly changing the appearence of Shell retail concession stand

3M Di-Noc™ wood grains used to enhance appearance of hotel bathroom cubicles and blend with existing natural wood finishes.

Finish hotel doors in high quality wood grain film to enhance bathroom appearance

Counter unit refurbished & given new look using wood grain and metallic finish detailing.

Use textured & patterned films to give old furniture a new look & lease of life

DecoFoil - Window frame renovation & colour change

DecoFoil window refinishing film replaces paint refurbishment

DecoFoil is a new product specifically designed to re-finish interior and exterior UPVC or Aluminium window frames. Backed by a major manufacturer’s warranty and UV stable for up to 8 years, we can colour-match to your specifications and any BS, RAL or PMS colour, with low minimum order quantities.

Already used extensively in Europe the product eliminates the need for pre-masking and all the complications of spray painting, providing a bespoke finish that is quick and easy to install.

Main product advantages:Close up of DecoFoil window frame refurbishment film

  • Speed of application - There is no need for masking of windows or surrounding areas where conventional paint over-spray is an issue
  • Surfaces are covered in one application - This can significantly reduce costs for access towers and scaffolding
  • No drying time - Because Decofoil is a dry coating there is no waiting like paint and no risks of damage to public property
  • Environmental - Decofoil is a dry covering with no harmful odours or risks to users. It enables the reuse of existing fitments and significantly extends the life of the frame
  • Application temperatures - Can be applied from 0°C+
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