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Window & glass manifestation

The possibilities for glazing are endless with the use of print & film solutions. For decoration, protection & safety, the application of specifically designed window films helps architects, specifiers, contractors & designers to transform glass installations in private or commercial premises.

We will guide you through the wide range of options and specifications available to meet your requirements, helping with design before manufacturing and installing your bespoke window manifestations.

Window & glass manifestation design & production

We will work with your architect, design agency or supplier giving advice on materials, specification, application, and compliance with building regulations and DDA requirements.

Where multi-site rebranding exercises or large scale graphic installations are required, Aura Graphics can provide support from the initial stages of site survey, drawings, specification and approvals through to manufacture, coordinated installation and on-going maintenance.

Films & graphics suitable for windows & glass

Depending on what you are trying to achieve, there is a plethora of options available that can help you do it. There are even solutions that provide multiple benefits so you can do more than you thought. Here's a few of the things we can help you do on glass:

Sandblast, etched & frosted glass effects

Various effects acheiveable with dusted and frosted films including cut logos & patterns

Cost effective alternatives to traditional sandblasted or etched glass techniques, we offer a diverse range of patterns and finishes, including the complete family of 3M Fasara films, suitable for decorating, creating privacy or reinforcing corporate branding. These films can be custom cut or printed to your specific designs and logos.

Digital & screen printed window films

Digitally printed window film graphics for glass using optically clear, solid and perforated vinyls

With our imaging technology we can print any design to a number of window films that beautifully enhance internal and external environments with branding, messaging and creative flair. We can produce window graphics on perforated one-way vision films or optically clear films, including the printing of white.

Translucent colour & colour change window films

Translucent and colour change light films for windows and glass

Playing with colour and light to vary the mood, complement colour schemes, connect spaces or differentiate areas can be easily achieved through the use of coloured window films. There is an extensive array of colours available, all of which can be cut to shape or integrated with print and other effect films.

Window films for protecting glass and building occupants

Protective and energy efficient window & glazing films

Many of the products above carry other inherent benefits, like UV protection and temperature control, but we can also offer engineered solutions that best meet single particular needs. We supply and install bomb-blast mitigation films, sacrificial anti-vandal films and ones that manage heat & solar energy transfer and reduce glare, amongst other things.

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