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Train branding, corporate livery & signage solutions

Aura Graphics provides a comprehensive train livery, branding, signage design, application and management service for Train Operating Companies throughout the UK, Europe and globally.

By combining our expertise in large format print and film coatings with the expert knowledge gained from working in the rail industry for the last twenty years, we are leading the way in train graphics and refurbishment programmes.

Working closely with market leading material and paint manufacturers such as 3M, Avery Dennison & PPG Industries we are able to achieve the most cost effective results whilst maintaining the highest quality standards.

Train corporate livery, branding & wraps

Corporate train branding and livery using printed vinyls

Our approach to manufacturing and applying your train livery & branding will ensure consistent implementation and brand integrity across your rolling stock. All our processes from design through to application are geared to consistently deliver high quality results and minimised cost of ownership.

Find out more about our train livery & branding services.

Promotional train wraps & graphics

Promotional and advertising train wraps

The use of trains as powerful mobile advertising media is now a reality thanks to eye catching wraps created and installed on rolling stock by Aura Graphics. Great for self-promotion, service campaigns & launches, 3rd party advertising, partnerships & sponsorships.

Find out more about our train wraps & advertising services.

Interior graphics, signage & safety labels

Train interior graphics and labels

We have skilled, experienced teams, directly employed by Aura Graphics, refurbishing train interiors, applying and repairing graphic liveries and finishes for our clients nationwide. Our range includes products suitable for interior decoration, branding, protection and refurbishment, combining self-adhesive films and paint finishes to deliver complete internal refresh projects.

Find out more about our train interior graphics, signage & safety labels manufacture & application services.

Train livery refurbishment & asset protection

Rail refurbishment & livery services for train carriages

Aura Graphics has delivered top quality rolling stock refurbishment programmes for many national train operators. As part of the process, we can incorporate materials to protect external and internal finishes, extend their working life, reducing downtime and saving cost.

Find out more about train livery refurbishment.

Find out more about asset protection & anti-graffiti solutions.

Films and paints for train liveries, branding, graphics, labels and refurbishment

Train livery, branding & wrap materials

The materials, production and application processes used are all critical to optimising the operational life and minimising down time and support costs of your train livery. That’s why we have close working partnerships with the market leading film and paint manufacturers and assist in the development and launch of the latest rail graphic innovations.

Rail graphics and refurbishment warranty cover and support services

Warranty & support

As an authorised manufacturer, converter and installer for our key material suppliers including 3M, Avery Dennison, PPG Industries and Llumar Films, Aura Graphics is able to offer comprehensive warranty and support services designed to keep your operating costs low and predictable.

Find out more about our warranty & support services.

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