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Anti-graffiti, maintenance & asset protection

Graffiti and vehicle damage is still a significant issue for train operators making it vital to ensure that the presentation of your brand and rolling stock not only looks great, but stays looking that way. Investing in the appropriate protection solution at the outset prevents very costly removal and rectification problems.

We provide a number of product and services to ensure your trains are kept at their best and protected from excessive damage and corrosion over the vehicle's working life. Whether you need anti-graffiti systems or carriage repair solutions, we can help solve your problems.

Graffiti removal of spray paint on train carriage - before & after

Anti-graffiti protection

Investing in appropriate protection solutions for new or refurbished rolling stock saves costs and downtime time over the life of the livery. Aura Graphics can provide specialist expertise to help protect rolling stock from damage through accident, vandalism and wear and tear.

Protective over laminates and coatings can be integrated into a chosen graphic solution. This approach enables quick and easy removal of graffiti and facilitates easy cleaning with approved rail cleaning products, even removing harsh contaminants such as spray paints or permanent markers without leaving stains.Anti-vandalism glass protection film for train glass

Aura Graphics provides anti-graffiti solutions for windows and interiors as well as exterior body surfaces and glass. There are various options available including self-adhesive films that can be applied to trains to pre-empt graffiti attacks. These films can then be removed cleanly in one complete piece along with the graffiti. Where a film is not appropriate or viable for the surface, liquid coatings are available that can be applied to painted surfaces, plastics or vinyl.

Anti-corrosion protection & repair solutions

Anti-corrosion & roof seam repair solution for the rail industry

The life of older rolling stock can quickly and cost effectively be extended by using our skills in spot repairs and the application of a range of coatings and tapes. We have products for repairing seals, cab seams, minor body damage and protecting against corrosion, water penetration etc. After surveys and discussions about your particular issues, we will recommend bespoke solutions based on our experience and expertise, specifying appropriate materials and procedures for the either exterior or interior areas to alleviate your pain points.

Quick Response - train damage management

Quick response rail service for anti-graffiti removal and train grahpics repairs

We offer a unique quick response service to manage on-site repairs, graffiti removal and livery maintenance. This service gives you the benefit of quickly and cost effectively reacting to accident damage and vandalism ensuring attacked units are repaired and back in service in the fastest possible time and avoiding operator penalties.

Our experienced and skilled paint graphic repair teams, based nationwide are equipped to attend your designated site as required. Options are available for flexible contract periods, service level agreements, response times and stock-holding of spare components. Daily on-line reporting completes package to keep you
in picture by allowing monitoring of all planned and completed work
and budget spend.

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