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Train interior refurbishment, graphics & safety labels

Aura Graphics can transform the interior of train carriages, making the passenger environment an enjoyable, clean, safe and comfortable place to be.

Our experience in the rail industry gained over the last twenty years, combined with our expertise in large format print and film coatings, means we are leading the way in train interior graphics and refurbishment programmes.

Bespoke table top graphics and finishes for train interiors

Products that communicate & decorate

Coatings are available for walls, floors, table-tops and labels in a range of finishes including bespoke digital print to bring complex designs and messaging to life. These fully warranted interior films and finishes are manufactured to meet strict health and safety guidelines and fire regulations, whilst also being extremely durable.

Products that protect & save

Interior labels and safety information graphics for trains

Aura Graphics is also able to provide sophisticated anti-graffiti systems for train interior, glass and exterior protection. Different options and approaches are available to minimise the impact of graffiti on finishes and any downtime required to affect repairs.

We have close partnerships with the leading materials suppliers such as 3M, Avery Dennison and Hexis. To maintain our quality standards and achieve the most cost effective results, we ensure that our staff in the train interior design, manufacturing, application and support teams are both trained and experienced with all the materials we employ.

Bespoke print and pattern finished wall coverings offering abrasion & anti-graffiti protection for train interiors

Application service

We have skilled, experienced teams, directly employed by Aura Graphics, refurbishing train interiors and applying and repairing graphic liveries and graphics finishes for our clients nationwide. This means we can provide a highly responsive, cost effective service that minimises rolling stock downtime.

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