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Vehicle livery management

Effective vehicle livery management reduces costs, by keeping fleet downtime to a minimum, and reinforces a positive brand image by ensuring your livery is consistently applied and properly maintained.

Aura Graphics will provide a pro-active approach to managing your fleet livery, taking responsibility for corporate identity, livery specification compliance, quality standard compliance and safety compliance, providing a reliable livery product that can be installed at a convenient location for your fleet.

Van, truck and box van graphics and signwriting

Project management

We will advise and guide you through the complete vehicle graphics process including design, production and implementation ensuring your livery project is delivered on time, on budget and on brand regardless of the number of vehicles or locations. If that doesn't suit we can just produce or install your graphics - the choice is yours.

Value engineering

Adding value to your business is key to our approach. Understanding all your requirements and goals we will develop a vehicle graphics solution that maximises material usage and performance, ensures brand effectiveness and reduces lifetime costs across your whole fleet.

Dedicated account management

You will receive dedicated points of contact who will look after every facet of your account from ordering, change and issue management, stock holding and application coordination. Your experienced and knowledgeable account manager will oversee and be on hand to help you get the most out of our skills and services.

Online ordering

As standard you can take advantage of our bespoke online ordering facility, which provides a fast and convenient way to reorder existing livery kit designs. We can set up access to this service for your vehicle converter and repair networks in conjunction with our accident damage management offering.

Fast response repair

Our accident management service means repairs can swiftly be carried out, reducing the time your vehicles are off the road.

Cost of ownership

Aura Graphics's guaranteed quality of service reduces the risk of graphics failures such as fading colours or print, cracking or lifting from the vehicle body or dirt ingress around the edge of the graphic. These are problems that cost time and money to put right.

These kinds of failures can usually be attributed to factors such as low budget, inappropriate materials or poor application. An initial low cost may look attractive, but the risk of failure is significantly increased and in the long run may mean paying again for a replacement livery. Cheap or ‘low cost’ solutions may be a false economy.


Aura Graphics offer a range of warranties, backed up by our partners, to minimise your costs and give you the peace of mind that in the unlikely event of a product issue, your costs from removal to replacement will be covered.

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