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Vehicle livery warranty & support

As an authorised manufacturer for our key vehicle livery material suppliers including 3M, Avery Dennison and Hexis, Aura Graphics is able to offer comprehensive warranty and support services designed to keep your cost of ownership low and predictable.

It is important to note that some warranties in the market today only cover the replacement value of the original material and not the cost of reprinting, refinishing, removing the failed material or re-applying a replacement graphic. That peace of mind and level of support only comes from the larger material manufacturers such as 3M and others. That’s where our warranty and support services come in.

Cost of ownership

Aura Graphics's guaranteed quality of service reduces the risk of graphics failures such as fading colours or print, cracking or lifting from the vehicle body or dirt ingress around the edge of the graphic.  These are problems that cost time and money to put right.

These kinds of failures can usually be attributed to factors such as low budget, inappropriate materials or poor application. An initial low cost may look attractive, but the risk of failure is significantly increased and in the long run may mean paying again for a replacement livery. Cheap or ‘low cost’ solutions may be a false economy. 

Flexible warranty & support - predictable costs

Aura Graphics offers a range of vehicle livery warranty and support contracts designed to allow you to keep costs low and predictable over the life time of your vehicle livery.

In the early stages of working with you we will want to understand not only your vehicle livery requirements but also how you budget for support. Once we have a view of the materials and processes that will be employed to meet your requirements, we will then be able to discuss the warranty and support options available. Our objective will be to keep your support costs low and predictable enabling you to plan your budgets with confidence.

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