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Car & van vinyl wraps & graphics

Our comprehensive approach to your promotional car or van wrap campaign will ensure a consistent, high quality implementation to time and budget.

Car and van wrapping can take on many forms including digitally printed full wraps of a whole vehicle, part wrapping or just graphic panels for the doors and bonnet for example.

Of course there is also the option of more simple cut lettering and logos or magnetic graphics. We can supply all of these, helping you to put your promotional messages on any type and number of vehicles.

Full vehicle wraps

No matter the type or colour of your vehicle, we can produce a complete car or van wrap to cover all surfaces, including windows. We produce specialist digitally printed films developed to conform to curves, contours and recesses that we then apply to your vehicle, completely changing its appearance to any design you desire. Turning cars and vans into eye-catching adverts is a fast and affordable way to communicate to your target market, whether out on the road, at an event or exhibition or even in a TV advert.

Our wraps are made to the highest standards and laminated for extra protection and damage-free removal. We can provide fully warranted car and van wraps for anything up to 5 years using the market's leading self-adhesive vinyl, print technology and wrapping techniques.

Printed car wraps for advertising and promotion

Part wraps & promotional vehicle graphics

Incorporating the original colour of a vehicle into the design and wrapping just the rear quarter or sides is a great way to produce impressive looking vehicle graphics within tighter budgets. Combining this with cut lettering and logos completes the look. The range of materials and graphics we supply enables endless creative possibilities.

Depending on what you want to achieve we can help you design a livery that delivers high impact, whilst remaining cost effective across one-off or multiple applications.

Advertising wraps and promotional graphics for cars, vans and other vehicles

Event car & motorsport graphics

Cars are used a lot within the events industry; as courtesy vehicles, for product placement, event and sponsorship branding. From complex wraps to more subtle logo panels, we can supply and apply all your promotional graphics for a consistent look and feel. We don't stop at cars - event and exhibition trailers, buggies, bikes, etc are also no problem. We have it all covered.

Graphics and wraps for event cars and motorsport

Advertising & promotional car wrapping services

As the most experienced vehicle graphics company in the UK we can support you at any stage of your car or van graphics campaign. We can just print and apply your wrap or we can handle your whole project from start to finish.

We work direct with brands and along side design and media agencies, offering our expertise in the following areas:

Fleet audit and campaign planning

The audit will underpin a cost effective approach to the campaign roll-out and support for larger fleets. The data will form the basis for both a rapid campaign deployment and the supply of specific replacement graphics when required for accident damage or extending the project to more vehicles.

Material specification

This is a vital component as not all materials are suitable for wrapping. It is not uncommon to see failing car and vinyl wraps. This is usually because an inappropriate material has been selected to minimise the initial purchase price without consideration for the costs and standard of finish over the life of the campaign. Our design process will look at the material selection to ensure optimum durability and performance. We'll make sure the materials used are right for type of vehicles, the design and wraps being used and the duration of your project - all within your budget.

Design & project management

We will work closely with you and your design agency, giving advice on materials, layouts and application to ensure the campaign works optimally on all your target vehicle types.

Aura Graphics provides a full campaign design and project management service with every vehicle media programme. This is handled by field based Project Managers overseeing a project from start to finish.

If required we can also supply campaign research, reporting and data analysis to help you measure the effectiveness of your vehicle media spend

Application & support service

Our in-house applications teams are experts in vehicle wrapping materials and application techniques and fully approved by the manufacturers. We offer a nationwide service and are on hand to maintain your graphics throughout the campaign ensuring they continue to look as good as they did on day one.

We provide full warranty and aftercare services, in association with our partners so that your vehicle media investment is protected.

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