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Vehicle media production & application

The material and the manufacturing processes employed to create the vehicle wraps for your vehicle media campaign are critical to ensuring consistent, high quality finishes that last for the duration the campaign.

Our materials choices will also be easily removable and avoid any damage to vehicle paintwork that could impact resale values of the vehicles or contravene any conditions laid down by the vehicle owners.

Vehicle wrap graphics manufacture

We produce reliable high quality graphics quickly and efficiently in-house with production scaled to suit your campaign requirements. We can also arrange stock holding of parts, so you can call them off as required for rapid repairs on short lead times.

To maintain our quality standards and achieve the most cost effective results, we ensure that our staff in the vehicle media design, manufacturing, application and support teams are both trained and experienced with all the materials we employ.

We have considerable experience in designing promotional liveries for all types of vehicles and can assist in bridging the gap between the creative ideas and the functional reality of producing and installing vehicle wraps so that they work and look great, not just on the page, but also in real life.

Application service

Our skilled, experienced teams, directly employed by Aura Graphics, apply and repair vehicle wraps for our clients nationwide. So whether you have a small number of vehicles operating locally, or a national fleet operating from distribution hubs and deports, we provide a responsive, cost-effective service that minimises downtime.

We can also provide specific application guides for your campaign, that make it easy to identify graphic elements, call them off and have them applied quickly, correctly and consistently.

Our comprehensive warranty and aftercare services ensure that the investment in your vehicle wrap campaign is protected and guaranteed.

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