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Truck advertising & quick change frame systems

Branding of vehicles has been around for many years with companies recognising the exposure fleet vehicles can deliver. This is often viewed long term, quickly becoming out of step with other marketing communications or changes in brand strategy. Now things have changed.

Aura Graphics has pioneered vehicle media frame technology, installing first generation systems to the M&S fleet in 2005. Since then we have continued to lead the industry working with clients including McDonalds, IKEA, New Look, Matalan and Arla Foods to integrate their truck fleets into the marketing mix.

The concept of vehicle media and advertising

The Aura Graphics vehicle media system lets you use fleet vehicles in a more flexible and dynamic way.
By using a quick change, lightweight frame system, the marketing message on vehicles can be changed quickly and easily, allowing you to turn your fleet into a highly effective marketing platform.

Your fleet operates all day, every day and by thinking of it in a different light we can help you bring it into your marketing plan and make sure it delivers accountable marketing value, as well as goods to your stores.

Clear benefits of changeable vehicle graphics

Changeable truck advertising from Aura Graphics
  • Vehicle fleet can now be fully integrated into your marketing mix
  • Unlocks the potential of this often overlooked communications platform
  • Allows you to communicate with consumers on the nation's road networks (often harder to reach via conventional media platforms)
  • National or regional campaign potential
  • Seasonal or tactical campaign promotion
  • Complements other outdoor media channels and strategies
  • Great for product launches and product sales drives
  • Accountable and highly cost effective

Vehicle frame advertising technology

Traxx™ vehicle media frame advertising system

Aura Graphics works with the Traxx™ Vehicle Frame System as its rigorous testing, warranty and safety record are unsurpassed. The frame system means that high quality, digitally printed panels can be changed quickly and easily to reflect campaign messaging throughout the year - all at significantly less cost than other vehicle media solutions.

All our high-definition media panels are printed and welded in-house and are 100% recycled at the end of each campaign. The full system has proven operational durability and safety, backed by MIRA testing and a 3-year warranty on all components.

Even if you are using an alternative system to Traxx™ we can still manage your fleet media requirements and produce campaign skins to fit your system.

See Traxx™ in action in the video below

Vehicle media management services

Vehicle advertising campaign printed banner skin installation

Whether you have a small number of vehicles operating locally or a national fleet operating from distribution hubs and depots, we provide a highly responsive service that minimises downtime, keeps costs predictable, delivers tangible marketing results and a return on investment.

Our unique full service solution offers you:

Fleet audit & profiling

Audience research & campaign planning

Design consultation & artwork preparation

Complete production & installation service

Full campaign reporting and data analysis

Peace of mind with a warranted solution

environmentally friendly campaign disposal

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