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Vehicle safety markings& conspicuity liveries

Aura Graphics has been supplying conspicuity, high visibility and reflective markings for safety conscious fleet operators in the UK for over 25 years.

Police, Fire and Ambulance services, as well as other highway vehicle operators trust us to deliver high quality, durable conspicuity liveries for operational vehicles in the most demanding circumstances.

Working closely with market leading materials manufacturers such as 3M, Avery, Reflexite and Rennicks, we are able to achieve the most cost effective results, maintain the highest quality standards and minimise cost of ownership over the lifetime of the product.

Emergency Service vehicle livery for Police, Fire & Ambulance

Emergency services conspicuity liveries

Working with clients across the Police, Fire and Ambulance services for the past twenty five years, we have the design, materials and application expertise to advise you on the most cost effective solution to meet your very specific requirements.

Find out more about our emergency services conspicuity liveries

 Chapter 8 rear chevron reflective markings

Chapter 8 rear chevrons

We design, manufacture and apply a wide range of high visibility reflective vehicle markings and bespoke livery including rear chevrons, logos, lettering and special use vehicle livery and wraps for almost any type of vehicle.

Find out more about our chapter 8 rear chevrons
ECE104 conspicuity marking tapes

UN ECE 104 / 48 tapes

We can supply and apply vinyl films with fluorescent daytime safety and retro-reflective night-time markings, including contour marking narrow-width film tapes that comply with the UN/ECE-48 and UN/ECE-104 directives.

Find out more about our UN ECE 104 / 48 tapes
Reflective graphics for chevrons, safety markings, aerial identification, logo and brand identity

Reflective markings

Aura Graphics produce and install a wide range of high visibility reflective vehicle markings and bespoke livery for almost any type of vehicle including chevrons for improved rearward visibility; logos and letterings; aerial identification and roof markings; accident repair kits and special use livery and vehicle wraps.

Find out more about our reflective markings
Supply, application and accident damage repair management for conspicuity & reflective markings

Routine maintenance & management

Aura Graphics will provide a pro-active approach to managing your fleet conspicuity livery and safety markings, taking responsibility for livery specification, quality standards and safety compliance. Repairs can be swiftly carried out, reducing the time your vehicles are off the road. 

Find out more about our maintenance services
Reflective marking films and tapes from 3M, Avery & Reflexite

Warranty & support

As an authorised manufacturer, converter and installer for our key vehicle livery material suppliers including 3M, Avery and Reflexite, Aura Graphics are able to offer comprehensive warranty and support services designed to keep your operating costs low and predictable.

Find out more about our fleet livery warranty & support.
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